Our Team

Meet Julien

Director of Maintenance

Julien is the Director of Maintenance at PixAir Survey. Joining the team during its early beginings in 2012, he’s helped shape the company into what it is today.

Graduating in 2011 from studies in aircraft maintenance, he spent time at CAP Industries, Aero Services Georgler, Airlinair, and Blois Aero Services. Passionate about aviation, he got his Private Pilot License in 2005.

A fan of aircraft modification, he looks back on large scale mods with enthusiasm: the flaps kardan mod on our BN2s and the avionics retrofit on the PA31 notably come up in conversation. However while he does enjoy mentoring the younger mechanics, he looks forward to being able to dedicate more time to following airworthiness.

Having dedicated his entire life to aviation, Julien is known for his profound knowledge of aviation culture and history. Warbirds, vintage planes, and aviation flics are his jam, you’ll struggle to find someone who can beat him at one of our quiz nights!