Our Team

Meet Quentin

BN2/PA31/SW3 Training Captain & Director of Flight Operations

Quentin posing by the Cascais Bay
Photograph by Hugo Clarke-Wing

Quentin is a Training Captain across our entire fleet. In addition to flying, he heads up our Operations Division and helps out with maintenance.

Initially starting his career as an aircraft mechanic, Quentin quickly realized his true ambition: flying. Determined, he balanced work and pilot training and obtained his Commercial Pilot License in 2016. Newly qualified, he immediately entered the field of airwork, mainly working in aerial mapping and imagery.

After working for a few different employers, he found his place at PixAir Survey, initially joining as a Captain on the BN2 and PA-31, but quickly putting his other skills to use, from maintenance and roster organization to even woodworking, Quentin has truly touched every part of PixAir Survey.

Since late 2020, Quentin is also qualified as a Captain on the Swearinger-Fairchild Merlin SA226AT, our most performant aircraft. He shares that privilege with only Jean-Jérôme, demonstrating his dedication to delivering exceptional service with the highest safety standard.